If you walk on 30th Avenue in Astoria New York, you'll notice cafes and clubs packed with lots of hot Greek girls.

However, meeting a Greek girl in Astoria can be pretty hard. It seems like Greek girls go in groups, all dressed up, looking good and showing off, but hardly any men approach them. Men eye them but thats as far as it goes.

Then, how can one meet a Greek Girl in Astoria? Below are 5 tips to break the ice:

It seems that Greek girls go to Astoria cafes with their friends, relatives or boyfriends and it's hard to find single ladies to be approached. Same thing with the Greek clubs, all you see are couples or big groups of friends, but no one actively pursuing. A few drunk guys leering and staring at girls, but for the most part nothing there. It seems that Greek places in Astoria are totally opposite of the American bars in Manhattan where people do go to meet up, as opposed to people watch and show off.

Read below 5 tips about how the Greek dating game in Astoria works:

1. Learn about Greek culture
If you are not Greek and your goal is to have a Greek girlfriend, it helps to learn a little bit about Greek culture and history and be willing to learn some phrases. Spend some time talking to Greek people in your neighborhood and make friends with them. And definitely be aware that Greek women's dating habits have changed a lot in recent years.

2. Get to know the best Greek cafes and clubs in Astoria
Just walk on 30th Avenue and you'll see many cafes, such as Cavo and Central. Also, don't miss a visit to the popular Greek club Caprice.

3. Find a way into the Greek group
While it might make for interesting people watching, cafes aren't really where you go to meet a Greek girl. In Greek culture, an individual coming up to girls to chat them up may be seen as odd. The way in is through a friend, or a friend of a friend. Rarely is there another way into the group. Greek girls don't go to cafes to meet others, but to meet with friends, and meet their friends' friends.

4. Be aware of the Astoria Greek gossip
Keep in mind that the Astoria Greek scene may not the best place to hook up or meet a girlfriend. Many of the girls are very into themselves and care a lot about what other people think, so if they get seen hooking up or talking to a stranger, they may be labeled as a "whore". Of course, it is not impossible to hook up with Greek girls in Astoria, but be aware of the social rules there.

5. Be confident and give it a try
If you want to meet a Greek girl in Astoria, just get out there and enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to say hello to a Greek girl. They are not all going to ignore you and if they do, they weren't worth your time anyway. You never know who you're going to meet unless you take a chance.

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