Tzoulia Alexandratou (Greek: Τζούλια Αλεξανδράτου) is a famous Greek top model and pop singer.

She became famous in 2006 winning the beauty title "Miss Greece International 2006" (also called the "Runner-up Star Hellas 2006"). Tzoulia lost to Olympia Hopsonidou, much to the dissapointment of most Greek men.

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Since then, Tzoulia has become one of the most popular models in Greece and is well known for her slutty and provocative manners. She has also sung a few pop songs, such as "Mono gia sena" ("For you only") and "Stohos ine ta lefta" ("Money is the aim").

Julia Alexandratou was born on 24 November 1986 to a Kefalonian father, an engineer, and an English mother, a model. She has lived for several years in England and speaks English fluently.

Several sex videos of Julia Alexandratou have also leaked online.

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