Sasa Basta (Greek: Σάσα Μπάστα) is one of the hottest Greek top models, singers and TV personas.

Sasa was born in 1988 in Xanthi, a small city in northern Greece. Her parents are divorced and she grew up with her mother and brother. Her relationship with her father is really bad, if not non-existent.

How did Sasa become as popular as she is today?

In the age of 14, Sasa Basta started singing in nightclubs ("bouzoukia") in Xanthi and she soon became very popular among local men. A few years later, she accepted a proposal to sing at Posidonio, one of the biggest nightclubs in Athens.

Sasa became widely known after her fist naked photoshoot, which led to her participation in the popular TV show "Ola" with Themos Anastasiadis. At "Ola" Sasa appeared naked playing musical instruments and singing remixes of popular hits. Her sexy appearances in "Ola" classified Sasa as one of the hottest girls in Greek showbiz.

In 2008, Sasa Basta sang in the nightclub Paralia Live with Haris Akritidis and Filippos Chtenas. Her latest hit is called Kamini.

Sasa Basta has had several boyfriends including businessman Alexandros Spiriliotis and Paris Hilton's ex Paris Casidokostas - Latsis.

Many sexy videos and numerous naked photos of Sasa Basta are available online.

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